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Areas of expertise: Designing and implementing first-year student success curricula, first-year student faculty development, leadership, women’s leadership, gendered learning, sexual identity, sexual assault prevention, sexual health, and designing quality study abroad experiences.

Leadership and Inclusivity Session or Workshops:

 Inclusivity in Leadership Effective leaders understand how to incorporate inclusivity into their daily life.  They create meaningful relationships and are self-aware of their interactions with all others.  This includes self-analysis of personal biases and how these influence their leadership style.  This program will provide strategies and work around how to uncover these biases and how to be more inclusive in practice.

 Cultivating your Inclusive Leadership Style: Being a Better Advocate in the Workplace
 The session will highlight strategies and recommendations on how we can be better advocates for underrepresented individuals in the workplace. The session will focus on individual strategies for mentoring and empowering colleagues to promote more inclusive spaces.

Leadership Theory Evolved Take a journey through how leadership has evolved over time.  This session will highlight several foundational leadership approaches and theoretical frameworks to inform your leadership practice.  The program will offer application of how to implement these into our work.

The Art of Leadership: Five Capacity Builders Leadership is developmental.  We must continually work on our skills and learn new ways of thinking and doing.  This program helps individuals identify five areas where leaders can build capacity to hone their practice.

Building Capital: Leadership through Advocacy and Voice The session will focus on strategies to build self-advocacy and ownership of educational goals and leadership style.  Participants will learn ways to build personal capital and voice to enhance their work environment and beyond.

Finding and Sustaining Your Voice
 Great leaders step up in small moments and in times of crisis no matter their title. When you see injustice, what will you do? Will you have the courage and confidence to stand up for others? In this session, you will learn how to confidently use your voice to lead positive change.

First-year Student Success Sessions and Workshops:

Mapping it out: Effectively Aligning FYS Courses with Student Milestones, Development, Activities, and Competencies FYS instructors at many institutions often struggle with selecting and implementing effective course activities, course content, competencies, and assignments. This workshop focuses on aligning and effectively mapping first year student milestones, development, course competencies, activities, and assessment. The more instructor’s learn how to align their courses with student’s development, the more effective first year learning, agency, and critical thinking can take place. Participants will learn several strategies for aligning courses, historically effective FYS activities and assignments, and opportunities for assessment. This interactive workshop will offer several experiential opportunities for course planning.

Individualized Learning in the First-year This pre-conference sessions provides concrete ways of developing curriculum inclusive to gendered learning styles, in particular we examine and provide strategies for working with first-year women as well as underrepresented students at the university level.  Creating communities of student leaders and fostering the skills that will enhance their voice, identity development, and connection to critical thinking is vital in a university setting. We hope to produce competent leaders who will give back to their communities and engage others in critical ideas and professional development.

Sexual Identity / Health / Sexual Assault Prevention Sessions and Workshops:

Women’s Cognitive Development and Hooking Up This study explores the ways in which first-year women understand their sexual encounters as students.  College women have a plethora of sexual experiences ranging from positive to extremely damaging.  These experience influence their emotional, academic, and identity development. Higher education staff must better understand women’s perspectives to help them make informed choices.  In turn, their success and persistence will increase as they become more competent in using their voices and making decisions about their sexual behaviors.  This study can help to uncover the reasons why college students may not persist and why they may have low self-efficacy in sexual decision-making.

In a Women’s Voice: A Qualitative Study on How First Year College Women Understand their Sexual ExperiencesThe session will highlight the narratives of first-year college women and how they navigate sexual experiences, consent, and construct identity. Findings include the pressure to perform stereotypical sex gender roles through public and private sexual identity.  Further, the session will offer successful strategies to combat sexual assault, movement toward sexual equity among gender roles, and provide a model on first year college women sexuality development.

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